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Question: I ordered a candle and made payment, how long will it take from then for my candle to ship?

Answer: Staff is on hand from 9 am Mon-Sat. Orders are shipped within 12-24 hours unless an extreme condition prevents it. Some holidays may effect shipping as well but in all cases we strive to get the order out the day it is placed. Feel free to reach out to support with concerns of a late shipment.


Question: Is my product safe in shipping?

Answer: Yes! We take extra special care to make sure your candles are shipped in perfect condition. We understand the fragility of glass and wax, we also recycle some shipping materials as protection inside the box.


Question: I received one of your candles in early spring and then another in the fall. I noticed that the color was faded in the second shipment, but they both smelled the same. Did you change your recipe?  

Answer: We use a soy wax blend to make candles which can have some frosting, this can lead to a candle being a different shade than one of the same. This is the Soy which is a vegetable based product, basically fats working their way out. 

Another possibility is the fact that we make all of our candles in small batches which could lead to a slightly different shade of color.


Question: Where are you shipping from?

Answer: Central Massachusetts 


Question: How long should I burn my candle for in one sitting?

Answer: No more than 4 hours. Always burn the first pool across your container candle to prevent tunneling. Refer to  Candle Care for more burning info.


Question: Can I reuse my candle jar?

Answer: Yes, clean it well and just make sure NOT to use it as a food jar.


Question: I have a discount code, how do I use it?

Answer: Go to your cart click 'check out' click 'show order summary' below the items in your cart will be a box that says discount code and a blue search arrow place your code in the box exactly as it was given to you. Some exceptions may apply to some discount codes, read the information given with the discount code to know if they apply for the code you have.