About Us

Tower Hill Candle Company was built up from a deep seeded passion and urge to live the American Dream. A wife and a husband along with their daughter working hard to become a successful piece of the Great American Story.

Rachel & Ian met in a warehouse working hard, and working together has always been productive and fun. After a time of living in Oregon the family relocated to Massachusetts in the tiny town of North Brookfield at the base of Tower Hill.

Our love of scented candles and fragrances developed over the years and as we practiced making candles as gifts and creating new fun fragrances we realized a small business opportunity was before us.

Being hard working and warehouse oriented our vision was born.

Trained as an artisan early on, Ian brings to the table a deep understanding of painting, pottery and plaster. Being a third generation tradesman Ian understands physical labor which drives him to understand technology and innovation in order to preserve the natural and rather fragile human body he wears. Extra training and spending a few years behind the computer writing software during a time when the internet was booming gave him a solid grasp of building online business.

Rachel a dedicated and very hard working mother and wife, spent her early career in retail and then working with people in a warehouse type setting. Understanding how to manage a large and revolving inventory, keeping people focused and making sure " the wheel keeps a turnin " is her specialty. 

Together Ian & Rachel make a formidable team as parents and business owners. We strive daily to meet our goals as parents, individuals and as a team, working together to live The American Dream. We work hard to provide for our family and for those around us. We promote equality in the workplace, support women owned small business and always strive to be hard working productive members of society.