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Tower Hill Candle Company

All Natural Beeswax Bucket

All Natural Beeswax Bucket

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The beeswax bucket is an all natural beeswax candle uniquely scented with high quality all natural essential oils and an all natural carrier oil. Hints of lavender, lemongrass and an outstanding sweet orange citrus blend will seduce your nose at every whiff.

Beeswax is naturally a slower burning wax due to the higher melt point and is known to be cleaner when it burns as it does not release any harmful contaminants. 

Our beeswax bucket was created by making a silicone mold of a tin bucket and pouring our wax into that mold. We create our beeswax candle fragrance from all natural essential oils which we source from only the best suppliers.

This candle has an incredibly long burn time of 20-24 hours and weighs in at 3.2 ounces.

The Beeswax Bucket requires its own container to burn in. (it will fit in a regular votive holder) It is delivered in cellophane packaging and shipped in a secure padded envelope.

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