Shipping Info

Due to shopify's new updates the choice of the carrier & shipping method that was given to the customer has now been placed in a higher shopify account, one I do not have access to at this time.

I want to begin to apologize for this,  because charging people shipping cost made sence to give them the ability to choose the method they are paying. For example choosing USPS flat rate to save money or a UPS fast delivery option to get the items faster, depending on the customers choice when shopping and getting through the check out prosses.

I know this was the perfered way I wanted to ship items. Since I cannot provide that option at this time anymore, I will be setting the default package to determine the shipping rate for you. It will be at check out as a meduim size flat rate Priority USPS shipping (due to being the most common choice when the option was available). That way all items will ship fast (priority) and I can still save you money when shopping with is.

If tarts are the only item ordered then the meduim size box will be too big, at that point we will refund you the differance of shipping cost back onto the card or account used to pay for the item(s) purchased and pack your order in a smaller box. If a larger box is needed then we will have to pack the items ordered then fill the order charging for the larger box, once it is filled & weighed.

Shipping policy

We give every effort available to get your item packed and shipped on the same day, especially if the order is placed before 4 pm eastern standard time, but please allow  1 - 2  business days for us to get your package shipped.

We are open 7 days a week but can not ship on the weekend so orders placed on our Saturday or Sunday will not ship until Monday.

We offer local pickup which you can choose at checkout.

Feel free to call in an order for specific shipping instructions or if you just have a question.

Call Toll Free 1-844-519-2089 8-5 pm EST